Life Leader’s Book Club

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“All I have learned, I learned from books.” 

― Abraham Lincoln 

To be a leader of ones own life you must take control of the things you are putting into your mind.  I am an avid learner and would love to learn with you.  Come join a community committed to feeding our minds with the vast knowledge of all those who have come before us.  The knowledge each one of these authors have shared through books can enhance and guide you into the future you want for yourself. 

All books chosen for 2020 I have not read myself yet.  I have also added a recommendation area so you can share the books you have been wanting to read but may not have made the time for yet.  All books chosen are finance, career, success, personal growth, and greatness related.  Topics of money, money mindset, autobiographies of millionaires, leadership strategies, and more. 

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Life Leader’s Book Club

The Book Club will start up in June 2020.

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